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Woven Fabric

Woven fabrics are used in a variety of applications from apparel to upholstery and furnishings.


Woven Fabric

Woven Fabric
Woven Fabric

    Woven Fabric


    Find a wide variety of woven fabrics right here at Rongli Mattress. Whether you are making summery soft tops, dresses or skirts, our wovens hold their shape and make your outfit stand out. Made from multiple yarns, they are durable and work perfectly even for everyday use.


    Our range of woven fabrics includes silk, denim, linen and linen look, shirting, specialty cotton and more. We also offer apparel linings to give your attire a neat look.  


    Apparel Fabric & Project Ideas

    Get a whole world of apparel fabric right here at Rongli Mattress. Check out our project ideas, catering to multiple levels of expertise, for some new ideas and inspiration.


    You can also take a look at our fabric glossary to learn more about the different fabrics you can shop at our stores. Make Rongli Mattress your go-to place for all things fabric!


    Woven fabric is a textile that is made by interlacing yarns or threads in two distinct sets. It is one of the oldest and most widely used types of fabric, having been used since ancient times. Woven fabrics are incredibly versatile, coming in a variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses to suit many different uses. They can be found in everything from clothing items to home décor and even industrial materials.


    Patterns & Features


    Take a look at our endless variety of patterns including stripes, plaids and checks, floral, animal, geometrics and more.  


    You can also shop for woven fabrics at Rongli Mattress based on the features of the fabric including stretchability, wrinkle resistance, embroidery, embellishments and so on. Filter by these features and choose the woven fabric considering the requirement for the project you intend to work on.


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